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Construction Tax Rebates

What is the Average CIS Tax Repayment?

Whilst this depends on your individual circumstances, we find across the Construction industry repayments have an average value of £2,500. However we have managed CIS Tax rebate claims for more than £10,000


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What do I Need for a CIS Tax Rebate?

As much information as possible! For us to maximise your Tax claim, we will need copies of your CIS Tax statements together with details of expenses. We will guide and help you every step along the way.

What Can I Claim

There are many expenses which you can claim as a deduction. From mobile phone costs, to using your own home as an office to materials bought. Our team will identify as many expenses as possible.

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Our prices are simple and straight forward. £245 for your CIS Tax return, only payable when you have received your Tax rebate. There are no hidden charges!

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What forms of workers are covered by CIS Tax?

HMRC introduced CIS Tax as a method to put an end to the cash in hand work paid, in particular for those working in construction. Lots of forms of trade would be included by CIS, not limited to:

– Bricklayers
– Plasterers
– Electricians
– Gas fitters
– Platers
– Carpet fitters

The problem with this approach of Taxing income at 20% is that for most sub-contractors this is too much Tax.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the rebate to come back?

This first depends on how fast we can pull all of the needed information together. But once your Tax return has been prepared and submitted to HMRC, it can then take another week or so, but on average it is less than 10 days.

How to complete a CIS Tax Return?

Your CIS Tax Return is completed electronically using the HMRC online system for Tax agents. This means that we receive immediate confirmation of your receipt, and encourages faster processing of your repayment.

What is a CIS Tax Repayment?

For those labourers working in the UK construction industry, it is common for the contractor to be legally required to deduct CIS Tax from the workers wages. This a measure heavily enforced by HM Revenue & Customs.

How do I register for CIS Tax?

For most the process of registering for CIS is very straight forward and it’s a simple call with HMRC. They will then allocate you a UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) for you to give to your contractor. This must be done or you could end up paying 30% Tax

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The team at CTR made my claim extremely easy for me. I got my money back in less than two weeks!

John Pace


I wasn’t quite sure how to fill in my Tax return but CTR made the process extremely easy for me. Quick as well.

Jason Biggs


£2,981 I got back within three weeks. CTR also reviewed my earlier Tax rebates and I got even more back.

Brian Taylor


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