CIS Tax Calculator

CIS Tax Rebate Calculator

Please take your time to complete the following CIS Tax rebate calculator.
You should take the Gross pay and Tax deducted from your CIS statements received from your contractor.

The CIS Tax would typically be 20% of your Gross pay, but it may be possible that some of your earlier payments would have attracted a higher Tax rate of 30%. It is worthwhile checking this as it could increase your Tax rebate further.

    Tax Refund Calculator
    The calculator takes into consideration what your Taxable profit will be, deducts your annual Tax free allowance and National Insurance contributions allowance, and then computes what your CIS Tax Rebate will be.

    Please note, at CIS Tax Rebates, we would usually be able to reclaim much more back than the calculator states as we would look to claim every expense and Tax relief possible.

    When Will My Tax Rebate Be Paid By HMRC?

    The time it takes for HM Revenue & Customs to refund your Tax rebate typically depends on how busy they are. To some extent, this also depends on the time of the year. For example, April is a very busy time of the year for HMRC and repayments would typically take between four to six weeks to be authorised. Other times of the year repayments can be actioned in less than two weeks.

    At CISTaxRebates, because we work closely with HMRC, it can be possible for us to speed up the processing of your Tax rebate.


    How Do I Make a Tax Rebate Claim?

    To apply for your own CIS Tax rebate, you need to apply for an online account with HMRC. You will be sent various user IDs and authorisation codes which can be long winded and sometimes overly complicated.

    At CIS Tax Rebates we can not only speed up your Tax rebate process, but we will do our very best to maximise your Tax rebate. You will also have peace of mind that your Tax return is being prepared by Tax professionals with decades of experience.

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    How Much of The Tax Rebate Will I Get Back?

    Our fees for a CIS Tax return are £245, but given that you will receive Tax relief on this, the actual cost to you will most likely be only £173.95. This fee will be deducted from your Tax rebate, nothing is payable up front.

    When preparing your CIS Tax return, we will ensure that the calculations will include all allowable allowances and reliefs where possible.

    In all cases, we will also carry out an audit of your previous Tax years to ensure that you have not overpaid Tax previously, regardless of whether this was PAYE position or CIS.

    Tax Rebate Calculator

    Are CIS Tax Rebates Automatic?

    CIS Tax Rebates are not automatic, in fact, if you do not complete your CIS Tax return within the required deadlines late filing penalties will apply. It is recommended that you keep on top of your CIS Tax duties where possible. The CIS Tax calculator above will provide you with a rough idea of how much you could be due back from HMRC, but at CIS Tax Rebates we will hope to get you much more back than this.

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    Who is Entitled to a CIS Tax Rebate?

    If you are working in the construction industry as self-employed, then most likely you will be due a Tax rebate because of overpaid CIS Tax. The CIS Tax Refund Calculator above will give you an indication of how much Tax you could be due.

    Will a Tax Rebate Affect My Universal Credit

    Under normal circumstances, this should have no impact on your entitlement to Universal Credits. This is because their calculations are based on what your Tax profit is, and not what Tax you are paying, or what Tax rebate has been repaid. A Tax rebate is simply excess Tax that has been excessively deducted throughout the year.

    What are the Time Limits for a CIS Tax Refund

    There are various deadlines with HMRC for Tax returns. Your CIS Tax return must be filed electronically by 31st January following the end of the Tax year. Alternatively, if you wish for the Tax return to be completed on paper then the deadline is 31st October.

    It is possible to amend or revise previous CIS Tax returns, but it is only possible to go back four Tax years (up to 2014/15). Where possible, we will review earlier years to find further opportunities for more Tax rebates.